Great people keep great businesses going!

The most distinctive difference about our firm is our “Process.”  We have made thousands of placements due to our diligent process.

With a 2.4 rate of interviews to hires; we are dedicated to making the hiring “Process” easier for employers and more enlightening for both candidates and employers.

The reason we know that it works is that our customers keep coming back to us—over and over again.  Our Directors have been working with some of our clients since we first started in the search business (Larry Basilone, CEO and Director of Accounting/Finance and HR Recruiting – 33 years; Bill Brundage, Director of Technical Search – 34 years; Gary Basilone, Director of Business Development – 13 years).

Our directors and recruiters know the market and we listen to our clients.  We prepare the candidates to save time and make the “Process” easier.  We also solve problems, avoid roadblocks, and take the worry out of interviewing for the employer. 

Wouldn’t life and your process be easier if we shared our “Process” and saved you valuable time?

Our Time Proven Process For Your Success And Ours:

Needs analysis: We make a concerted attempt to meet with each client prior to any search. Our goal is to gain a thorough understanding of the job functions, qualifications, skill sets and chemistry required for success.

Compensation: We will partner with you to determine the right compensation level and how it relates to the market place.

Research: We will use a variety of sources, most developed internally, for your search. We tailor those sources to home in on the specific individuals and backgrounds that will ensure a long term match for both you and the candidate.

Referrals: We interview all candidates prior to our referral to you. Our referrals are qualified not only by skill set but also by priorities, locale, salary and many additional variables. We take great pride in referring only committed, sincere and reasonable candidates to our clients.

Offers: We coordinate the offer from the client to the candidate. Our advisement on candidate conditions of acceptance is critical on gaining a verbal agreement and that technique has saved our clients countless hours of work. The written offer then becomes anti climactic.

Expectations: We monitor our candidates through their resignation and notice period to minimize or eliminate “no starts.” That is our commitment to you.