General Manager

MAJOR GOAL - The major goal of the General Manager is to build the customer base and to satisfy those customers through effective service while remaining within established P&L guidelines.




  • Interview managers, employees, and customers to stay in touch with their thoughts, problems, etc.

  • Consult and cooperate with the departmental managers to improve their managerial effectiveness and productivity.  Follow up to see that they are performing their jobs in accordance with job descriptions.

  •  Approve vacation and personal leaves for all managers in the line of authority.  Assume their responsibility in their absence or approve a temporary replacement.

  •  Interview, select, hire, and terminate managers in accordance with established Human Resource procedures.  With the support of Human Resources, determine their compensation and request Vice President of Operations approval.

  •  Conduct performance appraisals for all department personnel. 

  •  Keep “Administrative Control Books” current.


  • Participate as a member of Strategic Leadership.  Negotiate performance goals with the Vice President.  Strive to meet performance goals.

  •  Negotiate with each Manager the departmental performance goals and action plans necessary to achieve the objectives set forth by the business plan.

  •  Keep professionally abreast of the industry by periodic visits to other plants, seminars, and pertinent exposure.

Sales (Interim Shared Responsibility with Sales Manager)

  • Develop sales through cold calls, references, direct mail advertising and telemarketing as well as any other means found to be reasonable.

  • Process, distribute, and follow-up on all leads.

  • Participate in establishing, maintaining and achieving departmental and personal performance goals.

  • Develop and constantly evaluate pricing plan to conform to new strategic objectives.  Recommend to the Vice-President.

  • Maintain a systematic intelligence profile on all competitors.

  •  Train and Develop sales representatives.

  •  Conduct regular route meetings for departmental personnel.

  •  Strive to meet sales goals as established in the business plan.

  •  See that all new accounts sold by route salesmen conform to the criteria determined by the business plan.  This includes size type, profitability, location, etc.


  • Administer all Company policies.

  •  Maintain a system of routinely measuring how well customers are serviced (surveys), taking corrective action when necessary.  Maintain records of customer satisfaction.

  •  Take corrective action as a result of surveys if necessary.

  •  Train and Develop Inside & Outside Service Managers.

  •  Renew accounts.

  •  See that customer deliveries are complete and on time.

  •  Manager customer inventory thru regularly schedules visits.

Customer Relations

  • Oversee the training and development of Route Service Representatives (RSR) in all aspects customer relations.

  • Maintain a system of customer audits thru direct regular visits to site location.

  •  Interview all lost accounts and all new accounts to learn why they switched.

 SALARY $125,000-$175,000

To apply, contact Bill Brundage.