We are often asked questions about how our process works...

How do I get started?

Good question!  The best way to start is to simply give us a call (412-369-9501) and talk to one of our recruiters.

In addition, you can find a job that you are interested in on our job board and follow the application process online, or to submit a resume directly.  In these cases, once we find something that is a good fit, we would get in touch with you to set up an interview with one of our expert recruiters.

How much does it cost to use your job placement services?


We are happy to offer our candidates job placement services at no cost.  We are funded by the companies we serve, so job seekers--such as yourselves--don't carry the burden.  This means that submitting your resume, applying for one of our positions, and interviewing with us, is at no cost to you.

The only services that candidates can purchase are our interview and resume consultation packages.  For more information go to the Resume Services tab or Interview Consultation tab, both under "For Job Seekers."

How can I submit my resume?

We are always eager to meet new job seekers, find out more about your goals, priorities, and professional background.  To make things easier, we have added a page to our site where you can upload resumes directly to our system.  In addition, you are more than welcome to browse our latest openings and apply directly to a posting.

How do I know that my resume was received?

For anyone conducting a job search, there is nothing worse than submitting resume after resume and never knowing if it ever made it into someone's hands.  You can be assured that as long as you have received our confirmation email one of our professionals will have received it.  Unfortunately, we cannot interview every person for a given position, so we will be sure to reach out to you if we find something that is a good match!

How often do you post new jobs?

We post new jobs regularly--oft times daily!  So if you don't see something in your field of interest, check back again soon.  Or, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, to stay up to date with our most recent openings.

I need help with my job search; do you offer any additional services to help?

Absolutely, we do!  We offer both resume and interview consultation services.  All the information is on our website, or you can contact Kyle Sofianek with any questions.